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Affordable Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer & PCB Assembly

Here at MOKO, we offer accurate & quick online PCB quotes and strive to make the PCB purchasing process as simple as possible for our customers. From quick-turn high-tech PCB prototypes to full-scale PCB production, every phase, from design & layout to manufacturing, is monitored and managed by highly qualified professionals.
MOKO will streamline your
printed circuit board ordering process and provide you high quality printed circuit boards at some of the lowest costs.

Why Choose Printed Circuit Boards From Us?

  • 100 % Mainland Based Manufacturing
  • Fab + Assembly as Quick as One Day
  • 24 Hour Live Tech Support

    We look forward to earning your production and quick turn prototype PCB fabrication business.

  • We have the PCB manufacturing capabilities to build simple to complex bare boards. Please review the example printed circuits below and Please Contact US if you have any questions or would like a PCB quote Now:

Example printed circuit boards manufactured by us.

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