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Crystal transistor is mainly used in the amplification of the amplifier circuit

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Sep 17, 2015

In order to facilitate comparison, the characteristics of the three transistor circuits are listed in the following table, for your reference. The name of the common emitter circuit of common collector circuit (emitter follower) common base circuit input impedance (hundreds of Europe to thousands of European (large) small (a few tens of thousands of Europe above) in Europe to dozens of European) output impedance (thousands of tens of thousands of Europe to Europe) small (a few dozens of European champions to large (~) tens of thousands of Europe several hundred kilohms) voltage magnification of small (less than 1 and close to 1) high current magnification (TENS) large (TENS) small (less than 1 and close to 1) power magnification (about 30 ~ 40 dB) small (about 10 dB) in (about 15 ~ 20 dB) frequency the characteristics of high frequency difference good continued application of multistage amplifier intermediate, low frequency amplifier input stage, output stage and impedance match with high frequency or wide band circuit and a constant current source circuit.

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