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Exreess PCB, Express Printed Circuit Boards from MOKO

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2016

Express PCB From prototype to production - Get online quote for Express Printed Circuit Boards,High quality low cost Express PCBs.

MOKO is a technology-oriented family business and manufactures excellent prototypes and small-scale series for industrial PCB projects as well as science and research.

The complete printed circuit board range as well as uncompromising product and process quality is our highest call and an essential key to the satisfaction of our customers.

PCB (Printed Circuit boards) are increasingly becoming complex partial systems of modern electronics. We therefore place the highest value on custom advice for our customers - from the layout all the way to the finished circuit board.

With the PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) market being so fast paced, Online Electronics objective is to provide our clients with high-tech products while maintaining the LOWEST PCB prices at all times. We are dedicated to providing our customer base with the best quality and expertise in the market.

We are committed to deliver all orders on time while maintaining all quality standards from quote through delivery. Instant prices can be obtained from our website for your Prototype and Production requirements.

In perfect interaction with the MOKO express PCB system, we have thus been developing innovative industry solutions together with our customers for over 15 years.

Quickturn Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Highlights:

    Accelerated PCB production times
   1 (same day to 24 hours), 2, or 3 day turnaround times
   Speed up entry into market
    Full and Prototype Boards available
   Fast and accurate human reviewed PCB quotes

We provide high quality PCB manufacturing in ShenZhen, China with full in house capabilities for projects small and large.

    Over 15 years of Quickturn PCB fabrication supplier experience
   State-of-the-Art 18,000 square feet Manufacturing facility
     Every received order is manually reviewed before production
   No minimum lot requirements on orders
   All PCBs manufactured Under One Roof

Materials that we keep in stock are:

    FR4 (Tg – 135C, 145C, 170C)
   Rogers Ultralam 2000
   Rogers RO4350
   Rogers RO4003

If you don’t see the material above, please contact us because we most likely have it in stock, but not listed above, or can special order it for you.

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