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Interconnect(HDI) PCB manufacturing

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2016

In 2016, MOKO improved its manufacturing facilities in China by adding High Density Interconnect(HDI) PCB manufacturing to its comprehensive capabilities in PCB fabrication and assembly.

HDI PCBs are printed circuit boards with a much higher wiring and pad connection density than a traditional PCB. HDI PCBs are characterized by finer lines, closer spaces, smaller capture pads, and micro-sized vias. HDI PCB manufacturing is a growing area since the market demand for lightweight and thinner PCBs that can handle high-speed signals with reduced signal loss has steadily increased as consumer electronic end-products are produced in smaller form factors.

As a result of the market demand for HDI PCB manufacturing, MOKO has served clients from many industries, including:

  1. Automotive (Engine Control Units, GPS, Dashboard Electronics)

  2. Computers (Laptops, Tablets, Wearable Electronics, Internet of Things - IoT)

  3. Communication (Mobile phones, Modules, Routers, Switches)

  4. Digitial (Cameras, Audio, Video)

Our manufacturing facilities in China have the following HDI PCB manufacturing capabilities:

  1. Buried, Blind and Micro Vias

  2. NCVF

  3. Copper Fill

  4. Sequential Lamination

  5. 3/3 Traces/Space

  6. 5% Impedance

At the present time, MOKO can produce sequential lamination board up to 18 layers. Our facilities have been fitted with the most advanced Laser Drill Machines that are capable of laser drilling holes as small as 0.002 inch. With the latest HDI technology, we can produce inner and outer layers with as little as a 3/3 Trace/Space featuring excellent registration. We also have very large inventory of raw PCB materials, including NA & exotic materials.

Our high density circuit boards have the technology-pushing capabilities to drive applications in a large number of industries including but not limited to
semiconductor test equipment, defense, medical and aerospace.

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