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Surface Mount PCB Assembly

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Apr 26, 2016

We Have The Experience!

MOKO has 3 high speed Yamaha surface mount (SMT) lines. These new lines represent the 4th generation of SMT equipment that MOKO has become expert at implementing. With over 15 years of experience in contract electronic manufacturing we have been placing surface mount PCB assembly devices almost since they were invented! We have extensive experience in placing 01005 chip sizes, QFN's, and Micro BGA's.

We also manufacture a large number of different electronic assemblies that are either through hole (TH) or mixed technology assemblies. MOKO's automatic though hole axial and radial equipment can meet any high volume requirement and our IPC certified manufacturing personnel will manually assemble any additional parts that are not machine placed or assembled.

We are always looking for challenges, so if your company has a particularly complicated PCB assemblies — that is our sweet spot. As part of our normal process, MOKO's manufacturing engineers will detail a control plan that will exceed IPC Class 3 requirements.

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