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Telecom Printed Circuit Boards Applications

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Jun 19, 2016

Telecom Printed Circuit Boards Applications

The telecom industry requires a very wide range of PCBs, driving devices in stable office environments to extreme outdoor weather and temperature conditions. The telecom sector consists of land wired communication systems, wireless systems, Mass storage systems, digital and analog broadcasting systems, cell phone tower systems, and mobile communication systems.
MOKO provides printed circuit boards that provide a wide range of materials, copper weights, Dk levels, and thermal properties for the ever changing telecom market.

The following repersent a few telecom applications that utilize telecom PCB, Telecom printed circuit boards:

Phone switching systems                                  Space communications technology

Signal boost online systems                               Military communications systems
Cell transmission and tower electronics                Video collaboration
Information security technology                         Satellite technology
High speed routers and servers                           PBX systems
Voice over internet protocol                          
Wireless industrial and commercial phone technology

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