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Voltage regulator diode fault characteristics

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Sep 17, 2015

Voltage regulator diode fault mainly in the open circuit, short circuit and stable value is not stable. In these 3 faults, the fault of the former fault is raised, and the power supply voltage is increased, the 2 fault performance is low to zero or the output is not stable. The model and regulator value of common voltage regulators are as follows: type 1N47293.6V; 1N47283.3V; 3.9V; 1N4730; 1N47324.7V; 1N47335.1V; 1N47345.6V; 1N4735; 6.2V; 15V 1N4744; 27V 1N4750; 1N475130V; 1N476175V; (right).

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