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Applications Of Heavy Copper PCBs, Heavy Copper Printed Circuit Boards

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Sep 13, 2016

Applications of Heavy Copper PCBs

Demand for heavy copper-clad circuits in automotive, computer, industrial controls, and military is growing very fast. More than 80% of the existing PCB manufacturers are limited or not capable of producing reliable heavy copper printed circuit boards.

Solar power converters
Safety and signal systems

Renewable energies and storage pumping plants

Torque controls

High power rectifiers

Overload relays

Power converters for railway systems

Power line monitors

Traction converters for rail applications

UPS systems

Electric vehicle charging (commercial and industrial)

Protection relays

Excitation systems for power regulators

Position control systems

Power grid switching systems

HVAC systems

Energy storage and power grid back up

Nuclear power applications

Line reactors

Hydro-electric plants

Surge protectors

Fuse blocks

Welding Equipment

Weapons control systems

Radar systems

The driver behind the demand of Heavy copper PCBs is ever increasing power, performance, and cost requirements. Known in the industry as the PCB thermal management experts, MOKO has been manufacturing PCBs with heavy copper plating for many years and we are capable of producing 20 plus ounces of finished copper and reliably spray coat a protective and consistent solder mask with imaged nomenclature. An extreme copper circuit could utilize 6 oz. in the hole walls and 20 oz. surface copper.

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