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Detailed Introduction Of Medical PCB Assembly

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Jul 04, 2017

    In response to the Chinese government's new health reform policy, to help the grassroots medical institutions to build and improve, GE Medical established the "two major markets, four pillars" of the Chinese market strategy, that is, high-end services and primary health care market, products, channels, services, supply chain as a pillar, for the Chinese market customers to At the same time, under the guidance of GE's "Healthy creation" strategy, we fully start the "Spring Breeze Plan" to support and care for primary medical care, and formally set up the GE China Primary Medical Department (primary care Business, PCB) in 2013.Medical PCB Assembly
    PCB board After the completion of the initial welding, should be unified number (after the first two + water number). Use a marker to clearly write the left position of the front of the board. In order to prevent the mark loss during processing and cleaning, the same number should be written in the other position of the board (usually on the side of the 96 bend pin). For administrative convenience, this number should be retained permanently. Number management is the responsibility of the librarian. In order to avoid and minimize scratches on the surface of components, in the processing, transportation, custody board process, should pay attention to light handle, board and board should generally be isolated, or reverse (ie, face-to-face or back-to-back).Medical PCB Assembly
   In order to prevent the electrostatic effect, the possible contact with the active device operation requires wearing gloves. If there is no condition on site, security measures must be taken to ensure the safety of the device. PCB board after the test passed (that is, already have the machine condition), the operator should be responsible for finishing the whole board work, including: (1) cut off the high pin, and pay attention to remove the metal residue on the clean board. (2) The positive flight line should be as hidden as possible, the back line in principle should take shortcuts, solder joints and longer lines must be covered with glass glue, fixed, and as little as possible. (3) Clear the excess identification (such as the failure phenomenon recorded during the debugging process to be cleared). Redundant devices should be completely cut off. (4) The color of the rear baffle plate of the same device should be basically consistent. Screws, gaskets, girder should be complete and consistent. Check all kinds of screws, should be kept fastening. (5) Clean the surface with brush and wash board liquid, so that there is no dust and obvious stain dirt on board and board. If you use a cotton swab to remove dirt, you should also pay attention to remove the remaining lint.Medical PCB Assembly
   PCB Design Services use first-class design tools (including automatic routing) to quickly design the industry's most complex PCB. Our experienced designers will assist you with every step of the way in the conceptual design, layout, testing and development phases of your hardware. Each a PCB design involves the layout and application of test engineers and project managers to ensure that the design work is done in a single time.Medical PCB Assembly

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