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MOKO Is Your First Choice Of PCB Manufacturer – Printed Circuit Boards & PCB Services

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Jul 18, 2016

MOKO is a full service PCB Manufacturer, offering high quality PCB services and accurate, quick online PCB quotes. We strive to make the PCB purchasing process as simple as possible for our customers to acquire their printed circuit boards, starting with quoting to complete PCB production. From quick-turn high-tech PCB prototypes to full-scale PCB production, every phase, from design & layout to manufacturing, is monitored and managed by highly qualified professionals. As an affordable PCB manufacturer, MOKO will streamline your printed circuit board ordering process and provide you high quality printed circuit boards at some of the lowest costs.

As a high quality PCB manufacturer, you will be receiving high quality PCB prototypes and production at affordable prices. Some of our highlights are:

  1. High quality PCB prototypes to production

  2. Lead free/RoHS PCBs are available

  3. All boards are UL approved

  4. All boards are manufactured under IPC-A-600 specifications and guidelines

  5. Affordable pricing

  6. On time delivery

  7. Circuit Board Materials (FR4, HiTg FR4, Cem-1, Polyimide, etc.)

  8. Multilayer printed circuit boards

  9. Prototypes to Full Volume Production

  10. Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

  11. Burn in Boards

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