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Soft Starter Controller Board

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

             With overheating, over-current, over-voltage, lack of equal protection function, with a good user interface, control box can display output voltage, current and other data and protection status.Controller Board

             Soft start Control Board features: This series of control Board electric principle design unique, beautiful design, installation and use of convenience, using 8-bit single-chip microcomputer digital control, with starting parameter set simple, starting current small, it has the characteristics of smooth and stable starting, soft start and energy-saving operation control function, the microprocessor stores a variety of starting parameters for the user to select, set; the voltage and current sampling adopts Hall voltage sensor and Hall current sensor, which has the characteristics of high precision, good stability, and isolation of control circuit and detection signal The soft start Control Board has the most optimized adaptive control ability, no need to set the starting time and curve, then the minimum current and the shortest time can be completed smoothly. The control mode is original at home and abroad, and the soft stop control mode with continuous voltage descent reduces the mechanical impact, the large inertia load can start with small current multiples, reduces the impact on the power network and reduces the thermal fatigue of the motor insulation. The pump load can realize the soft stop control function. In order to prevent the water hammer effect; This series of soft start control Board adapts to the main circuit rated voltage range (~380v, 660V, 1140V).Controller Board

             Soft start Control Board specification, model Jp-rqd-1, jp-rqd-2/380, jp-rqd-2/660, jp-rqd-2/1140; jp-rqd-3/380, jp-rqd-3/660, jp-rqd-3/1140, jp-rqd-3/1140 (in series); jp-rqd-4/380, jp-rod-4/660, jp-rod-4/1140, jp-rod-4 /1140 (series)Controller Board.

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