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The Applications Of Flex Printed Circuits, Flex Printed Circuit Boards

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2016
Prior to designing a circuit, there are two fundamental structural applications that must be understood and dictate conductor selection:

Static Application –   An application where flexible circuits are flexed only to install the circuit and fit it into its application (also known as flex-to-fit or flex-to-install). A static application will typically be made using the less expensive Electro Deposited (ED) copper.

Dynamic Flexing Applications A situation where the flexible circuit itself is dynamically (repeatedly) flexed during the actual use of the final product. Common examples include flip-type cell phones, laptops, printer heads and robotic arms. A dynamic application will require the use of Rolled Annealed (RA) copper.

The benefits of flexible circuits are realized in most applications requiring high volume flexing and/or a high degree of accuracy. Some common applications include:

Air bag systems

Automotive engine controls

Antilock brakes


Bar code equipment

Battery packs



Cell phones

Heart monitors and pacemakers

Fuel pumps

Hearing aids


Motion systems

GPS systems


In summary, if you have flexible circuit design or flexible printed circuit board needs, we can help.

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