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Tips For Improve The Soldering Quality

MOKO Technology Ltd | Updated: Mar 30, 2017

Tips for improve the soldering quality

As a professional and experienced PCB manufacturer, Moko have some suggestion to improve soldering technology. the electronic components assembly of printed circuit board is very important. It affects the whole quality and function.So its requirement for working condition and soldering technology is quite strict. PCB manufacturers need make some elaborate and workable process documents for electronic soldering.


First of all, before electronic components assembly and soldering, the operator should be familiar with the relevant requirements of the drawings, components list and technical documents, etc. Then the operator can proceed with components assembly and soldering. For example, we will wear anti-static bracelet and make sure of grounding when soldering components with anti-static requirement.


Secondly, it is necessary to check PCB and components before electronic components assembly and soldering. If  PCB is not clean, you need use degreasing cotton with a little ethanol to clean it. Regarding the components with pins, you need check if they are in good lead solderability. If not, you need add tin to their pins. However, this way is not suitable for light-emitting diode, DIP and line circuit block.


Thirdly, in same type electronic components PCB assembly, we always install them in orderly way and try to keep their orientation consistent. Because it’s easy for inspection and maintenance.


Finally, detail is the key to success. When installing the transistor, we will use an insulated spacer, and the spacer should be close to PCB surface, to protect the transistor from damage during shock and vibration. As to the solder joints on the PCB, it requires to finish the soldering by one time. If not, you should wait until the solder joints become cold, then solder again. That is to avoid pads off, copper tilt and component hurt by continuous soldering. After components assembly and soldering, all solder joints should be cold by nature, not by strong wind or shaking. Also, washing is essential to remove Tin ball.


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